AAAS, Day 1 Report

Nick Matzke and I set up the NCSE booth at AAAS in the morning. At noon, they opened the exhibit hall to attendees. We had brought 24 copies of Dr. Eugenie C. Scott’s book, Evolution vs. Creationism : An Introduction, and by the evening, we only had four copies left.

Several people familiar to us dropped by the booth during the day: Chris Toumey (God’s Own Scientists: Creationists in a Secular World), John Staver (Kansas Citizens for Science), Lynn Elfner (Ohio Academy of Sciences), Bill Nye (the Science Guy), Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy), and John Brawley (formerly of the FidoNet Science and Evolution Echoes).

A surprise during the day was that I have a fan club. Darlene Snyder came by the booth and warmed up my ego by saying that she had collected pretty much what I have online, including the video from my presentation at the Haverford conference in 2001.

I have some pictures from the day which I hope to get up soon.

Update: I have photographs up now.

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