The Response to “Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher”

The media seems to be finding the antievolution movement’s propaganda without difficulty, but has more trouble locating the mainstream science responses.

A particular example occurred with a CBS news item that listed the Discovery Institute’s “Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher”. There is a perfectly good response to this specific piece of propaganda at the National Center for Science Education website and there is Nick Matzke’s longer analysis of the arguments of Jonathan Wells. P.Z. Myers at Pharyngula has suggested that all pro-science bloggers prominently link to these resources to make it more visible to media representatives, and I agree. Please pass it on.

For those who claim that “teaching the controversy” is a good thing and are fond of quoting Darwin on how to obtain a “fair result”, I’d say that making sure these resources get linked whenever the DI agitprop is linked would go some way to removing the otherwise strong impression of simple hypocrisy in this matter.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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