At the Week’s End

I am conducting an experiment in this post. I am pointing to an MP3 encoded sound file where I discuss some of the events of my week just past. (Sorry to those who tried to get this early on Saturday; I had messed up the URL for the file. It is fixed now.) Topics include my health, a talk I gave at UC Berkeley, news in the world of antievolution, computers and content management systems, and Diane’s outing with the hawks on the first weekend in February.

Here are some URLs to go along with the audio…

Where I work:

Ted Cranford’s page:

Georgia House Bill 179:

Links to non-Christian antievolution that Georgia House Bill 179 opens the door to:

General antievolution and the law:

PostNuke CMS:
CivicSpace CMS:
Moodle Courseware CMS:
LogiCampus CMS:

Rusty, Glamdring, and Orcrist flying:

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