More Adventures in Recuperation, #9

More of the same. Basically, the Lomotil and Imodium are doing what they do best, and keeping my number of trips to the bathroom down pretty well. While I still have more pain on moving about than I would like, I do think there is a trend toward improvement going on. I’ll be visiting with my surgeon next week. We’ll see what he thinks about things.

One thing I’ve been using is Nestle’s NuBasic brand of liquid nutrition. Apparently, “NuBasic” simply doesn’t have the name brand appeal of rival product “Ensure”. So this week at the pharmacy, I find that there are cases of “Nestle Nutrition Carnation Instant Breakfast” instead. The ingredient list is the same all the way down to “potassium phsophate”. Oh, and with the label reprinting, the price went up a couple of bucks. Thanks, guys.

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