More Adventures in Recuperation, #4

This promises to be a long, slow climb out of the hole. I’m having continuing pain associated with digestion and elimination, but according to my surgeon I am progressing as expected.

The ileo-anal diet is one calculated based upon how little trouble the food causes below the stomach, not how good it tastes or how appetizing it is. While my surgeon says that it is a set of guidelines, he is encouraging me to stick to it pretty closely for the first month. Tonight’s meal: roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and toast.

Today was my best day in a while. I’ve been trying to sleep a fair amount, which is partially due to escaping the pain I get on movement. But movement, such as walks in my neighborhood, is also good for my recovery. In any case, I was awake most of today, and the pain was not as intense as yesterday. I have been able to put in regular hours via telecommuting for the past few days.

Diane’s parents, Sam and Marguerite, are visiting through Sunday morning and have been helping make sure I eat and have someone around. We all watched “Run Silent, Run Deep” on DVD this evening. While it wasn’t Marguerite’s favorite among the possibilities, it is a pretty serviceable submarine adventure.

My evening dose of Vicodin and Benadryl is kicking in. I will try to post again soon.

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