Bush, Kerry, and Television

When President Bush answered a question about the situation in Iraq, he answered with a statement about how he kept up with the developments by watching them on television. I was waiting for Kerry to respond with something about how it was a mistake to rely upon the reactions of a commander-in-chief whose closest experience with combat comes via a cathode ray tube half a world away from the action. Nothing like that in Kerry’s response.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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2 thoughts on “Bush, Kerry, and Television

  • 2004/10/05 at 11:16 pm

    Remember that there are experts in war tactics that never
    (thanks to the power that is) experienced a real war and many
    that have been so close to it which advise the president. The
    television is an unwelcome tool to observing war from a far.
    I was given a medal for my contribution to the desert war.
    Watching my contribution to the war and gaining updates from
    the events that occurred as a result on the television let me
    judge for myself how the war was going. Kerry – given the
    same situation would no doubt watch events on the television
    and quiz his advisors on areas he felt needed challenged.

  • 2004/10/08 at 4:15 am


    Fersure one can get a lot of information that way… I was just a bit surprised that this obvious opening concerning the different service records of the two participants did not get exploited.

    Hope the summer is going well where you are. I heard that you’ve weaned yourself off the steam of wildcare animals and are itching to do some sightseeing. Remember to take the camera…


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