Post-surgery, and things are well

The fistulotomy went fine. About the worst part was getting the local anesthetic, which was a series of injections. Somewhere along there, they upped the IV sedation, and the world went away. Waking up post-op, I wasn’t feeling a thing from the surgery site.

My surgeon told me that there was a lot of old tissue (right, the thing has been around since 1994), so there was a goodly amount of scraping. But all appears well for going ahead with the surgery in October.

I have pain medication to deal with the discomfort now that the local anesthetic has worn off and instructions on dealing with things while I’m healing. It’s good to have that particular chapter of my life come to a close.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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One thought on “Post-surgery, and things are well

  • 2004/09/15 at 8:13 pm

    Just came across your weblog while searching for information about the expected recovery time for a fistulotomy. I’m glad to hear that yours went well and I hope you’ve recovered well in the last few weeks since. I’ve actually had a fistulotomy before (I have Crohn’s) but have forgotten or blocked out a lot of the details about the recovery period. If you’re up to it, and are wondering what to blog about next, could you maybe give your readers a little reminder of what to expect?

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