Adventures in Hospitalization, cont’d

The past few days have been challenging.

On Saturday, April 17th, I was put on a clear liquid diet to start things off. I think I started off too fast on this, though, for I experienced a lot of gas, bloating, and associated discomfort.

By the morning of Sunday, April 18th, it was clear that I was in trouble. My abdomen was distended and I was experiencing nausea. I began running a fever, and regurgitated three times through the day and following early morning. I mostly slept.

This morning, Monday April 19th, my surgeon asked about placing a naso-gastric tube to suction out the stomach contents, reduce the distension due to my stomach activity, and reduce the risk to my incision posed by regurgitation. I agreed. Getting the NG tube installed was unpleasant, but perhaps not quite as bad as I had feared. And the relief to my system was almost immediate. Much better than having to regurgitate stuff. I’m no longer running a fever.

So I’m back to just ice chips going in. We’ll see how I’m progressing, and hopefully match things up correctly this next time around.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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One thought on “Adventures in Hospitalization, cont’d

  • 2004/04/20 at 1:58 am

    Hello Wesley!
    This is a wonderful idea! It may keep us all at bay for a short time ;-} Guess you can’t keep a good guy down or quiet!

    You know Wesley, you never cease to amaze me! Everytime I encounter you, I learn something new. Since arriving at your site, I was totally puzzled about “blogs”. Well, I guess we can give OGeorge some credit here.

    I’d never heard of a blog before, so I set off on a mad web search to figure out what is a “blog” and a “blogbanner”? I’m thinking … What have I been missing? Is this some new kind of banner ad I know nothing about?

    I tried a couple dictionaries … No luck. Then I tried a websearch and came up with sites like: Big Blog Tool, BlogPhiles, Blogger (wasn’t that an old video game?) Blog Sisters, Globe of Blogs (which I read several times as GOB of Blogs!) and Blog Spot. All are web directories of Blogs! Skipped over to C-Net and found a story about Microsoft ‘s Development Team having their own Blog site. Geez Louise!!!

    Other interesting blog things… mLogs, Spyblogs, mobile blogging… Are you laughing yet? Please don’t bust a stitch! Well, I jump back to your site and what blares out at me…. WEBLOG .. weBLOG. Thank you Wesley!!! Quite an interesting couple hours I’ve spent thanks to you.

    Wesley, you take care of yourself so you can get better and go home to your family. Don’t push yourself too fast and believe it or not, your healing and recovery will go much faster. No more of these… “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” scenarios.

    Big, Big Hugs from Texas to both of you,
    Shelli and the other Biediger Humans plus
    Buddy & Lili send “Roo Roos” to you too!

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