Florida: Final Public Meeting Underway, Part 6

I will have to leave before the end of this stuff, but

Teacher. Advocate science. Oppose teaching speculation as dogma, and don’t like the evolution treatment in the standards. Observation and experimentation. Evolution hasn’t been observed … non-life to life, and simple creatures becoming complex creatures. No process in dead bones except decay. [Incompetence should have a reward. –WRE] Include evolution in everything… math probabilities disporve evolution, Hitler!!! Study philosophy, teach students they are random, so how will they become something.


Bill Daily. Dobzhansky quote, disagrees. Board member of First Church of Evolution in Florida. Faith-based organization. Believe it takes faith to believe in evolution. Imagination. Darwin’s writings are a faith-based belief system. [This meeting really has brought them out of the woodwork. –WRE]


James Stewart. Popular meaning of “theory” is exploited by creationists. Science uses theory differently. Hypothesis is an intelligent guess. Theory is well-substantiated. Supports.


Rev. Neil Denzel??. Presbyterian Church. Ask to reject proposed revision. Enshrine a certain viewpoint in public school system. Particular kind of science. “Catechizing influence” yields philosophical Darwinists! Produce narrow-minded viewpoint! Alchemy was considered a ruling theory in Europe! Flat-eathism was wrong, too! This is the same thing! Coercive powers of government! Neo-Darwinian viewpoint taking over! Clarence Darrow or a descendant getting hold of children!


?? Miller. Nobody claiming Newtonian physics is flawed. Nobody saying teach the flaws in physics, or that light’s speed is not always constant? No time to confuse children about current state of research. Question science est. in grad school, not grade school.


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  • 2008/02/12 at 7:26 am

    unless I’m not following your scoring properly, you seem to have counted Rev. Neil Denzel for both the science and anti-evolution sides.

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