Trump Campaign in the News: Nolan Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking

Besides standing up for domestic spouse abusers, Donald Trump now has a record of multiple convicted child sex traffickers as part of his 2016 campaign. Timothy Nolan, Trump Campaign Chairman for Campbell County, Kentucky, was charged last year with multiple counts of child sex trafficking, and has now entered guilty pleas on twenty-one counts involving nineteen victims. Nolan joins Ralph Shortey, Trump Campaign Coordinator for the State of Oklahoma, in this exclusive club of felons with child sex crimes to their credit. It is interesting to look at how outlets covered Nolan’s guilty pleas. A Kentucky media company mentions that Nolan campaigned for Trump without acknowledging his official status in that campaign, while the Fox News item is very brief, doesn’t mention any association with the Trump campaign, and is at pains to note that “some” of the pleas were such that Nolan maintains his innocence but recognizes a likelihood of conviction.

Remember PizzaGate, the loony conspiracy theory floated in 2016 that a child prostitution ring involving Hillary Clinton was being run out of a pizzeria? Well, we are starting to get a notion of why “child prostitution” might have been up at the top of the list of bad actions to accuse a political opponent of engaging in, which is that various and sundry of Trump’s campaign staff were doing that thing and projection is such an easy way to try to normalize it.

Hint to investigators, whether in journalism or more formally in law enforcement: when it comes to Donald Trump and those in his orbit, when they accuse someone else of something bad, you should be seriously looking at whether they themselves are doing or have done those things. Really. It is likely the lowest of low-hanging fruit.

No, you’re the puppet.

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