Florida: FSU Settles Title IX Suit for Less than $1M

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the resolution of Erica Kinsman’s Title IX suit against Florida State University (FSU). FSU will pay around $950,000 to settle the suit. Kinsman alleged sexual assault by then FSU football star Jameis Winston, which FSU had famously responded to by finding Winston “not responsible” for the assault. Apparently Kinsman had a contingency-fee arrangement with her legal team, for the report says that she will get $250,000 from the settlement, and her lawyers will get the rest.

Winston, of course, went on to professional play with the Tampa Buccaneers, where he led them to a 6-10 record in his rookie year. (A comment I saw following Winston’s first pro game was that he and Marcus Mariota shared something in common: throwing passes giving the Titans (Mariota’s team) six points.)

The Chronicle passed on some words from former Florida Republican Party Chairman and, incidentally, current FSU President John Thrasher:

“Although we regret we will never be able to tell our full story in court, it is apparent that a trial many months from now would have left FSU fighting over the past rather than looking toward its very bright future,” said John E. Thrasher, the university’s president, in a written statement.

In the immortal words of Jon Lovitz, “Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

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