6 thoughts on “The “Weasel” Saga — With Math (Part 1)

  1. Austringer Post author

    Sure, I expect to put this on PT. Should I have the whole series, though, before doing that?

    I would like to do the Javascript weasel for PT. However, I have a time crunch, since my appointment here at MSU ends this month and there’s still a chunk of work to do on the Avida-ED extension project. Maybe we can chat sometime early in May about it.

  2. Patrick May

    I though I was beating a dead horse by expending the minimal effort to refute the Intelligent Design Creationists’ claims about Dawkins’ clear textual description of the weasel program, but now I realize I gave it no more than a gentle spanking.

    Very nice work. I suspect, however, that even the middle school level mathematics you use is far beyond the comprehension of the IDCists. The fact that they don’t want to understand is, of course, the real problem.



  3. Austringer Post author


    It looks like we’ll be leaving Michigan near the end of May or early in June. It takes time to pack up our gear.

    Last time, I was working on moving issues for over a month before we finally got everything squared away. We were trying to pare down our belongings to what could be carried in our travel trailer and abjectly failed. We had loaded and unloaded the trailer three times before giving up. We’d still like to have a bit of time to winnow things down, but we are looking into things like getting a shipping container from the outset. So hopefully it won’t take as long to get on the road with this move.

    We’ll miss this place. It’s been one of our better locations for all of the family.

  4. Austringer Post author


    The not wanting to understand bit is, as you say, the likely stumbling block. What is continually amazing is how someone who neither understands nor wants to understand “weasel” may be perfectly willing to make absolutely false claims about it.

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