Ohio: The Next Lawsuit Arrives

The Mount Vernon News reports that a civil rights complaint has been filed against “Mount Vernon City School District Board of Education, superintendent Stephen Short, middle school principal William White and science teacher John Freshwater.”

Freshwater, it appears, is a real piece of work, a 21st century Bernardo Gui:

In December 2007, the complaint continues, Freshwater burned an easily identifiable cross into the arm of at least two eighth-grade students with an electric device manufactured by Electro-Technic Products Inc. The complaint states, “Mr. Freshwater knew that the electric device, model BD-10A, could cause harm if placed in contact with human skin. As the eighth-grade science teacher it is Mr. Freshwater’s duty to understand and follow the manufacturer’s advice regarding the proper use of science equipment.”

Nothing like a little torture to advance the faith, eh?

It looks like a defense will be attempted. Maybe Freshwater should call the Thomas More Law Center. It used to be that one would pray to St. Jude. Now, dropping a call to Richard Thompson is almost the equivalent, except that occasionally St. Jude seemed to rescue a lost cause.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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