Hawk Incident at Fenway Park

Hawk attack at Fenway Park – Boston.com

A teenager moved too close or too fast near a nesting red-tailed hawk in Fenway Park and collected a bonk and talon scratch on the noggin because of it. A photographer caught a series of still photos of the incident.

The article notes that the nest and egg were removed at the request of officials. I called the Boston Animal Rescue League, the folks noted as having done that task. I asked whether the hawk had been moved with its nest. They said no, and that the nest had no viable eggs in it, so the hawk was not moved.

Update: I just had an idea. For parks like Fenway that like the idea of raptors living on-hand to help control the rodent population, but who freak out when interactions like the incident of the article occur, it might be good to provide specific nesting platforms that would put the raptors out of the way of the humans, but keep them near the site for hunting. Nesting platform construction doesn’t have to be expensive, and has been used successfully for other raptor species. If a nest needs to be moved from walkways or other parts of the park, then there would be nearby places to put it.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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