Now That’s a Laugh

By | 2007/11/08

The paranoia-fest that is Ben Stein’s new movie project, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, has opened the doors to the public to contribute tales of “Darwinist” censorship of “intelligent design”.

Now, they apparently are screening entries, but one has popped up that got past their own flappers.

Expelled from Uncommon Descent recounts “ReligionProf”‘s expulsion from William Dembski and Denyse O’Leary’s weblog:

Today I was expelled from the Uncommon Descent blog. All I was trying to do was talk about intelligent design in an intelligent way. I’m a Christian and a religion professor. Can you believe the sort of censorship this site is engaging in?

Censorship stories abound concerning the operation of the Uncommon Descent weblog.

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4 thoughts on “Now That’s a Laugh

  1. Karen

    Acutally several have gotten by the screeners. They are funny, but the really hysterical entries are the “legitimate” ones. One student was praising the intellectual freedom he found at Liberty University!!

  2. Dave S.

    Is there a running tally of all the bans at UD? My informal count, based on the linked website you posted, is 134 bannings so far. Talk about your “Expelled”.

  3. Austringer Post author

    I’ll have to suggest a counter for the bannings at UD. As Steve Story remarked, they’ve banned more professors at UD than AtBC has banned people.

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