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Last year, Diane needed shelter for during the field season of her research project. The time was February, and the place was Wyoming. We researched and selected a Northwood Desert Fox 21-SW toy hauler. It is a four season trailer with a fully insulated undercarriage so the water tanks and plumbing won’t freeze up so long as you keep the main cabin heated.

That worked fine for Diane off in the hinterlands of Wyoming in winter. Now, though, we don’t have a tow vehicle, and with me headed back to academia and Diane still job-hunting, it just doesn’t make sense to hang onto the trailer. We may revisit the RV thing in the future when our finances resume some semblance of adequacy, which we hope that they one day will.

At the moment, though, we’ve listed the trailer on Craigslist. Suggestions for improving the listing or likelihood of making a quick sale will be appreciated.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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One thought on “Trailer Up For Sale

  • 2007/01/06 at 1:11 pm

    Nice trailer! I think you should be able to get $25k.

    Questions that popped into my head looking at the ad: What’s the capacity of graywater and blackwater tanks? Are the stabilization jacks electric? Can you run stuff like the microwave and air-conditioning without an electric hookup? (They may require 110V, and you didn’t list an inverter.) Has it been used by smoker(s)? (It’s impossible to completely get the smell out.) What’s the roof composition? Has it ever been damaged and repaired, even minor repairs?

    One other thing: using “#” to mean “pounds” may confuse some older readers (I’m thinking of my RV-ing in-laws) and you might want to use the abbreviation “lbs”.

    Good luck.

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