A Small Howlerfest

I’m going through photos to find documentation of the existence of some items that are in my insurance claim. Along the way, I’ve run across some pictures from the 2003/04/14 Howlerfest in San Diego. There were about three weeks to go before my dissertation defense, but given the opportunity to hang with Ian Musgrave and Stephen Pirie-Shepherd, I had to take a break.


Ian and Stephen pause in front of the imposing facade of the Institute for Creation Research “Museum of Creation and Earth History”.


We weren’t so imposed as to stay outside, though. Inside, one can find such informative displays as this one on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, featuring a 45 RPM single of Dale and Grace’s “Bad Luck”.


But all of us agreed in that the ICR partially melting the Dale and Grace single, and attaching it to the wall with a decking screw, demonstrate that even the ICR is capable of rendering some small service to mankind.


Here Stephen and Ian play tour guide on the good ship “Ark”. Stephen notes part of a dinosaur visible in the background, and Ian draws our attention to the stegosaur bedded down in its stall.


Engaging dioramas are all part of the ICR Museum experience.


During the 1996 Howlerfest, one of a couple a bit ahead of our group distinctly asked whether this was the Rosetta Stone. If you have trouble distinguishing chiseled stone from printed-on cardboard like this, may I recommend a quick visit to your ophthalmologist?


The tree of Evil Fruit is always worth a look.


Following the ICR, what to do but seek out caffeine and knowledge? This La Jolla bookshop also serves up coffee.

Ian was in San Diego for a convention, and Diane and I were able to convince him to come visit our house one evening. We had a good and productive time, with Ian and Diane talking about some of the reaction time data she was working on from hearing tests with white whales and dolphins.

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3 thoughts on “A Small Howlerfest

  • 2006/10/23 at 10:12 pm

    Somewhere I should mention that Ian introduced Diane and I to Arnott’s Tim-Tams, a chocolate biscuit that Ian says is responsible for divorces in Australia since the packages contain a prime number of biscuits.

  • 2006/10/24 at 1:43 pm

    Just got back a couple weeks ago from the British Museum, home of the actual Rosetta Stone. If your benighted correspondant should ever go there, I hope they notice that there are actually 2 stones, the real one (under glass) and a full size facsimilie, which allows close-up inspection.

  • 2006/10/30 at 9:05 am

    “…there are actually 2 stones, the real one (under glass) and a full size facsimilie, which allows close-up inspection.”

    Both are very neat exhibits.

    They’ll probably never bother but pictures of both can be found at my sock-puppet blog should anyone be interested.

    It was very cool to see the real thing, but also pretty cool to be able to check out the facsimile up close.

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