Rusty Bags a Big Bunny

Or, more precisely, a smallish jackrabbit.

Diane had Rusty out today, and Rusty went missing. The battery in the transmitter seemed to be a bit weak, so Diane was only getting an intermittent signal. But eventually Diane tracked Rusty down, where Rusty was munching on the second jackrabbit that she has caught, the first having happened in about 1992. I think Rusty may have gotten tired of not seeing cottontails and decided to go for the larger, but available, prey item. Remember what I said earlier about our little two pound predator? The jackrabbit weighed about five pounds.

There was some difficulty in getting Rusty back on the glove. By the time Diane located her, she was already stuffed, and not cooperative about coming to the glove. So I left work and headed in her direction to see if Rusty would prefer to come to me. Before I could get there, though, Rusty changed her mind and came to Diane’s glove for another leg of rabbit. A successful hunt is where you come back with all the birds you started with, and this one had a bonus of a jackrabbit on top of that.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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2 thoughts on “Rusty Bags a Big Bunny

  • 2006/01/20 at 10:40 pm

    That’s okay, Rusty. You can start your diet…tomorrow.

  • 2006/01/28 at 11:32 am

    Rusty is on a see food diet – she sees food and eats it. Basically if a hawk is too heavy, they won’t work for food. Also as a predator they eat as much as they can when they can – there may not be food tomorrow.

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