Hawkwalk 2005/10/23

Diane and I took Rusty hunting today, along with Farli and Ritka. We went to an industrial park, which makes a nice quiet place on a Sunday.

Gotta have transportation. Our van gets the family to hunting spots. Nowadays it helps when the hunting spot is not terribly far from home.
And here’s the spot, or at least part of it. Industrial parks often have undeveloped bottom land in the vicinity. Diane spotted pheasants on an earlier visit here.
Rusty stretched her wings a bit out in the field.
Rusty takes advantage of available perches for height.
Ritka finds field work stimulating. She’s needed a good run for a while.
Farli’s favorite thing is going out to find the birds.
Where you have industrial parks, you also tend to get railroad tracks. Rusty uses a track as a temporary perch as we cross to the field on the other side.
A high perch is very attractive to Rusty.
Rusty flies over me as Diane calls her to the glove.
Rusty on the glove, for a moment.
Diane and Ritka work the field. We saw a couple of jackrabbits, but nobody chased those.
Rusty passes over the field.
Another bird flies over.
Diane, Rusty, Farli, and Ritka all in one spot.
The final call to the glove for Rusty. Time to head home.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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  • 2005/11/17 at 5:52 pm

    thats awesome nice pictures i’m a falconer too

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