Travel and Talking

I head off for Texas tomorrow, where I’ll be for a week.

I’ll be visiting Marc Nowell, my friend who graciously hosts the server that “” — and a number of other domains — runs on.

I’ll also be making trips to Waco, Denton, and Dallas to give talks.

“Bottlenose Dolphin Biosonar: Sound Production, Bioenergetics, and Individual Variation” covers the history of a dispute over the mechanism and site of click sound production in dolphins and recent research results bearing on that, the bioenergetics of click sound production, and observed individual variation in clicks and click trains.

June 14, 2005 12:00pm
Baylor University Biology Department
Baylor Science Building A108
Waco, TX


June 16, 2005, TBA
Texas Woman’s University at Denton

Then, for something completely different…

The Logic and Tactics of ‘Intelligent Design’

This talk explores the socio-political phenomenon of the “intelligent design” movement and the mode of argumentation used within it. The essential sterility of the “intelligent design” field provides a fascinating conundrum: with so little to offer, how is it that “intelligent design” advocates have taken the high-profile position in arguments over evolution and science education? This a for a meeting of the North Texas Skeptics. They meet at the Center for Non-Profit Management at 2900 Live Oak street in Dallas (near Baylor Medical Center east of downtown).

June 18, 2005 2:00pm
Center for Non-Profit Management
2900 Live Oak Street
Dallas, TX

I hope to check out Brazos Barbeque during my trip. I haven’t had Texas barbecue in a year and a half. I’ll probably have to hold back due to my now-delicate digestive system.

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